Basic Cisco ACE HTTP Server Farm

Below is a basic Cisco ACE Server farm.

First create a probe to check the servers are alive. Note with this probe you are checking the webpage /contentswitch/default.htm and expect a 200 status to be returned:

port 80
interval 10
passdetect interval 10
request method get url /contentswitch/default.htm
expect status 200 200

If you haven’t already configured you web servers, you will need to add them:

rserver host web11-10_0_129_11
ip address
rserver host web12-10_0_129_12
ip address

Now create the server farm

serverfarm host WWW.DOMAIN.COM-WWW-10_0_128_50_80
failaction purge
retcode 200 200 check count
rserver web11-10_0_129_11 80
rserver web12-10_0_129_12 80

Now create a layer 7 class-map to match traffic (note this class-map accepts all traffic)

class-map type http loadbalance match-all 01-L7-CLASS-WWW.DOMAIN.COM-WWW-10_0_128_50_80
2 match http url /.*

Now create a class-map to bind IP address to the server farm

class-map match-any 03-L4-VIP-CLASS-WWW.DOMAIN.COM-WWW-10_0_128_50_80
2 match virtual-address tcp eq www

Now create your layer 7 polcy and add your layer 4 class to your layer 4 policy

policy-map type loadbalance first-match 02-L7-POLICY-WWW.DOMAIN.COM-WWW-10_0_128_50_80
class 01-L7-CLASS-WWW.DOMAIN.COM-WWW-10_0_128_50_80
serverfarm WWW.DOMAIN.COM-WWW-10_0_128_50_80
policy-map multi-match 04-L4-POLICY-LIVE-HTTP
class 03-L4-VIP-CLASS-WWW.DOMAIN.COM-WWW-10_0_128_50_80
loadbalance vip inservice
loadbalance policy 02-L7-POLICY-WWW.DOMAIN.COM-WWW-10_0_128_50_80
loadbalance vip icmp-reply
loadbalance vip advertise active