Install Dropbox on Ubuntu 12.04

To download Dropbox, you can do this by typing the following in a terminal:

wget -O dropbox.tar.gz ""

Extract the file

tar -xzvf dropbox.tar.gz

Run dropboxd to link this server to your account


You will be prompted to visit a URL, copy this into a browser as this wil complete the linking to your account.  You will also now get a ~/Dropbox folder created.

You now need to create a service which will start on boot.

cd /etc/init.d/
sudo wget
sudo nano dropbox

Make sure you replace the DROPBOX_USERS with a comma separated list of users you wish to run Dropbox on your server.

Now you need to grant the script file execute rights, and add it to the default system run levels.

sudo chmod +x /etc/init.d/dropbox
sudo update-rc.d dropbox defaults

You can now start the service

sudo service dropbox start


Now that you have installed Dropbox and it should now be working, I also suggest installing the script, which will allow you to see what Dropbox is doing.  To install this complete the following:

wget -O ~/.dropbox/ ""
chmod +x ~/.dropbox/

Now you can easily check the status of the Dropbox client with following command

~/.dropbox/ status

Get more help with following command

~/.dropbox/ help